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Madeth Gray'll (group)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
+system 1
+Credit to orlandogirl and sashimi.savvycat.org
+must have web site in user info!
leave it blank

put you username where it says USERNAMEHERE
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Check out my website,

Oh, this is really awesome! I like this layout a lot. My sister wants it for her journal, too. Is there anyway that if I give your her pass, you can do it for her? I want it to be a suprise. (I always mess up the coding when I have to manually put in the usernames)
ahh thanks :) sure i can do it for you ^^ jsut let me now wht her password is and ill do it for you^_^

Screened comment

ahah okay its screened and i will go do that right now :)
Hi its me again.. umm did you finish m aking the Dir en grey Withering to Death layout yet?? ^^;
btw i love this one whoever this is. lol the layout. ^_^
actually thats the next one on my list!^^ i shall fuinish it today :)
omg is it!!! thts lovely!!
im so ready to see it!!
i cant wait!!
aha im going to start doing it now^^ you probley be seeing me doign it on here XD
YAYAYAYAY!! Thank you so much. I love it. I have credited you in my info.
ahah glad you like it^^
i have another question.. how do i credit it?? im not sure how to.
lol you can jsut put one of these in yur userinfo^^
"Layout By:<*lj user="oglayouts">"
"Layout by: <*lj user="orlandogirl>"

jsut remove the stars:)