oglayouts (oglayouts) wrote,

Dir En Grey Scrathy-Dark Pink

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
+system 1
+Credit to orlandogirl
+must have web site in user info!
Page text -black
Page link -black
Page visited link -black
Page active link -black

put you username where it says USERNAMEHERE

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hey um remember me? ^^" well like i used one of you layouts but i altered it slightly..as in i changed the pic..if u mind me doing this then say so and i will remove the layout..i just thought i would tell u this since it is ur layout ^_^.
oh thats find jsut make sure if anyone asked how you got the coded plz say me :) btw you icon is SOOO cute!!
alright of corse i'll say you ^_- thankies
haha no problem at all :)